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Vehicle Opening



 Locked out of your car?

We guarantee to get into your vehicle in the shortest time possible, with absolutely no damage. We use state of the art vehicle opening tools, and with years of experience can get you in and on your way in no time.

With the ever increasing levels of security on vehicles today, including self-locking systems, it’s becoming more possible to lock your keys inside.It’s easy to load your boot, and drop your keys inside without realising, then shut the it, and the keys get locked in.

Don’t worry, you’re not the first, and won’t be the last Over the years we’ve opened hundreds of cars with the keys locked inside, as well as some dogs, and babies! We aim to be on site with you in under an hour, and have your on your way in no time.

Need a spare?

Normally if you get locked out of your car, it’s as simple as getting the spare key, or someone bringing it to you, however if you only have one key, obviously that’s your only way in, and you’re stuck. Once we’re into your vehicle we can supply and program a spare key by the roadside. So if this happens again, it will be a simple case of opening the car with your spare key. We know how easy it is to put off getting a spare key until it’s too late, that’s why we make it so easy.

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